MUE budget

Monetary Unit has a budget system integrated in the blockchain. In every new generated block there are 4 coins reserved for the budget. A proposal can be made , then the masternode holders can vote to agree or not. Once in two weeks the budget is paid out.


MUE-EU budget

MUE-EU budget is different. It is running on donations. If you have an idea that might benefit Monetary Unit , you can contact us to get support from our budget.

We have closed the budget of MUE-EU due to lack of interest.

Balance of the MUE-EU budget

MUE : 0

BTC : 0



27-9-2019 – MUE 2350 donation received


27-9-2019 – BTC 0.00727242 is spend on hosting costs of the cryptoid blockexplorer for MUE.

28-9-2019 – MUE 2500 paid to coreyou for providing advertising material.