Monetary Unit cryptocurrency

What is it ?

Monetary unit is a cryptocurrency……….

History of Monetary Unit

The project started in august 2014 by an unknown person. This person started a blockchain based on the quark algorithm. And named it “monetary unit”. At the start people could mine the coin with a normal home computer. When the first developer left the project, Byron from the community decided to keep working on the project and create a team of fans who could assist in this job.

In 2017 the decision was made to change the algorithm to X11, and the coin was still mine-able , at this time with baikal miners, these miners did not use much energy , and Monetary Unit was running as a stable network. Not very long after, the blockchain came under attack by people hiring huge mining power trying to take over the control. The decision was made to change to a non mine-able chain. Since then Monetary Unit is a blockchain secured by staking and masternodes.

A cryptocurrency is only worth something if you can use the coins as money. In 2018 the monetary unit team aquired flubit. Flubit is a sales platform for all household good you can think of. Monetary unit become the loyalty token used on flubit , and the customers paying with MUE can get strong rebates on anything they want to buy.